• We have 5 years experience at investing!

    We work hard to provide powerful and rewarding solutions for the lowest possible price and with maximum value for money.

  • We are evolving since 2014

    We are relentlessly committed to helping our customers make the most of their financial futures, assisting in their pursuit of their long-term investing targets and improving their competencies as professional traders.

  • We are going to reach a million trade operations.

    We strive to offer the industry’s most advanced customer service package, an outstanding user interface and the essential proprietary trading technology our customers demand. Here at DAX300, it is the safety and success of our clients that matter more than anything else.

What Our Clients Say ?

DAX-300 is one of the most trustworthy brokers we work with. Tracking, conversions and account management are second to none.

Andrew Zaman

Gold Package

Working with DAX-300 for few years now, and I really believe they are the best and most honorable broker out there, tested many and still DAX-300 is on the top of my list.

Scott Sims

Platinum Package